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Current estimates indicate that around 44.7 to 50 Mt of e-waste are produced worldwide per year. This equals approximately 6.1 kg per inhabitant, and the figures are much higher if we separate underdeveloped countries of the third world from the rest of the world. European environment policy has several strategic benchmarks, including “waste prevention and recycling”, “sustainable use of resources”, “integrated product policy”, and “sustainable consumption and production” that, to varying degrees, are reflected in the new General Union Environment Action Programme to 2020 “Living well, within the limits of our planet.

We can, without a doubt, change these figures if we change our habits of recycling. There is an urgent need to change the way we think about recycling. We often underestimate the value most of our gadgets hold. Its common observation that most of us believe that the electronic gadget we do not use should be kept with us and we might need them at a late stage in life ore may be the price will increase. And often or gadgets get damaged, and we think they hold no resale value, well, all these myths are wrong. We can recycle all our old devices without a doubt, and the sooner we decide to sell them, the more are the chances we will make more money from them. There are many companies out there which help users of these electronic gadgets to recycle their devices even if they are broken from faulty laptops to mobile phones. Although we buy mobile phones if we don’t, you can always check several companies in the UK who offer mobile phone recycling service. You can sell your Samsung J3 or sell Samsung Galaxy A3 and other models for the right amount of cash without a doubt. As far as the case of laptops is concerned, we prefer to bring them to our store, and we will evaluate it and offer you a price, if you are not happy with our offer price, you can always try selling it through Facebook or eBay. But it’s always recommended to sell these devices before they become outdated. Another gadget which we believe every household has nowadays and we do not see many bringing it to market is gaming consoles. We all have enjoyed playing games on these all-time favourite consoles. But this has to be realised that these gaming consoles have lost their value over time and no more hold as much value as once they did. We also recommend to sell them as they will defiantly lose their value over time. The new advancements in technology have made these devices less desirable especially the improvements in processing speed and the graphics.

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